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vBulletin 4 ve 5 linklerinizi Xenforo 2 nasıl yönlendirirsiniz?

Kullanım tekniği vBulletin 4 ve 5 linklerinizi Xenforo 2 nasıl yönlendirirsiniz? 1.1.7

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Some of the changes in XF301VB 1.1.7 include:
  • Fix regex match to allow VB URLs that may contain a non-empty s param in showthread.php links
Some of the changes in XF301VB 1.1.5 include:
This release fixes several bugs that have been reported:

  • Improve false positive detection of several URL patterns that may match legitimate XenForo URLs (particularly if route filters are used).
  • Ensure that all redirects go to the canonical URL. This resolves problems when redirecting from a non-standard source location.
  • Beğen
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  • Implement a number of additional URLs to redirect. See here, here and here.
  • Fix a number of issues related to defining redirects which do not use the VB do param.
  • Improve compatibility when used with PHP versions before 5.6.
  • Prevent disclosing the title of content via its URL when the sole request was for an integer ID if the visiting user doesn't have permission to view it.
  • Check the appropriate permission method when dealing with a user entity.
  • Fix issue where the Router class was not extended properly.
  • Fix redirecting category URLs properly.
Thanks to @Steffen who reported and provided patches for a significant number of these changes (y)
Bu sürüm 1.1.0'dan itibaren işlev uzantılarını içerir ve bir iş parçacığından başka bir iş parçacığı için iletileri kopyalarken oluşan hata için bir düzeltme ekler.
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